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Life As A 6th Grader

Your child's day will be divided into seven periods, five of which will be spent with a "team" of teachers. Each team will be designated by a color name and will offer the same curriculum choices.

Each team will consist of a team leader and four other core teachers: one each for math, geography, and science, and two teachers per team who will instruct students in language arts--reading, writing and spelling. This language arts "block" will actually entail a two-period class that will enable teachers to provide more in-depth and concentrated development of these important academic skills.  We also offer advanced classes in all core curriculum areas in 6th and 7th grades.

Wing counselors will also be available to assist students on each team. Your child's four core classes will be located in the same area of the building as their locker, making the large building seem much smaller. When students do change classes, they will usually only travel across the hall, except when they attend electives. The strategy is to make your child a part of a school within a school and to give each student as much space as possible.

The other two periods will be spent outside the interdisciplinary team for courses such as physical education, keyboarding, art, vocal music, orchestra, and band. These classes will meet on a daily basis. Since these courses require specialized rooms, it will be necessary to walk to different parts of the building.

Because the district does not sponsor athletics at this level, our students may still find an outlet for sports activities through the organized intramural programs.

"Our Mission is to Graduate 100 Percent of Our Students, College & Career Ready."

Together We Make a Difference

Character Counts!

In an effort to encourage the development of moral character in students, Union Public Schools has incorporated the Character Counts! program into its educational curriculum. Developed by the Josephson Institute of Ethics, the Character Counts! program is based on six core values, or "Pillars of Character": respect, responsibility, fairness, trustworthiness, caring and citizenship.

Questions Commonly Asked by 6th Graders